About Trachtntour

It all started with a sense for beauty and a great passion for Fashion

As a Munich local the Bavarian tracht has always been part of my life. I remeber watching as a little girl the big annual Trachtnparade on the first weekend of the Oktoberfest. I was always so very astonished by all the beauty and grace the traditional costumes spread and I am still  today.

As I grew older fashion became even more important to me, since I realised that people are able to express themselves with the help of clothes. This is especially the case with the tracht. There is a large variety of styles that people are able to choose from, such as traditional, playful or extravagant Dirndl and Lederhosn! But all in all these pieces of clothing have one thing in common: Tracht makes you feel BEAUTIFUL, it spreads DIGNITY and always comes with a SENSE OF BELONGING.

I wanted to share these wonderful feelings with others and let people know more about our tradition – this was the birth of trachtNtour.

Join me and find your most beautiful bavarian outfit – I am looking forward to it!

Elisabeth Konstanze Beer